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Scent Oil Diffuser HVAC & Portable MSD-3000

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Aroma Diffuser MSD-3000


The MSD-3000 Scent Oil Diffuser offers the perfect combination of convenience, portability, and scent quality. With advanced cold air diffusion technology and a high-quality, long-lasting pump, it can easily scent areas up to 3000 square feet. Its simple and elegant design allows for customizable styling and connection to HVAC systems, providing unique scents that will impress customers. The device also features Wi-Fi app control and a touch screen for easy use, as well as 5 different time programming options. Transform your home, office, store, or any space into a luxurious, hotel-inspired environment with the MSD-3000 Essential Oil Diffuser.

Make your home, office, store or any place smell like those LUXURY HOTELS.

Make your environment smell so good like you always dream.

Perfect to use in your Family Room, Kitchen, Living Room, Office, Lobby etc.

Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Version

Color: White, Black 

Material: Metal & Acrylic front Panel 

Control: Wi-Fi App Controlled / Touch

Intensity: Adjustable Level 

Bottle Capacity: 800ml

Coverage: 3000 ft2

Unit size: 9.7" x 5.11" x 13.7"

Input Voltage: DC 12V 

Weight: 5.7 KG

Noise: <38dba

Scent Oil Diffuser HVAC & Portable MSD-3000
Scent Oil Diffuser HVAC & Portable MSD-3000