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White Sandalwood / Inspired by The St. Regis Hotel®

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White Sandalwood Aroma Oil


Experience the perfect blend of creamy almond, white musk, and exotic spices with our sophisticated White Sandalwood Essential Oil, inspired by The St. Regis Hotel®. This alluring fragrance uses premium sandalwood from both India and Australia to create a unique and long-lasting aroma. With its sensual woody notes and decadent essences, this essential oil adds a touch of sweetness to any room. Lasting up to 2 months, it's the ideal choice for your home.


Why our Fragrance smell so good

We have high-quality fragrance, essential oils and complete compositions. Top, middle and bottom notes release all at once. Always bringing the best to our customers

White Sandalwood / Inspired by The St. Regis Hotel®