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Dozens of studies determine that smells and aromas influence the interest to stay longer in a business or store.

Scenting allows you to connect with your customer on an emotional level and make your brand more powerful and memorable. Subtly diffusing pleasant aromas in your business can inspire loyalty and create a more pleasurable experience for your guests.

 Staying longer in a store enhances the purchase decision of customers, which is why hundreds of companies such as NIKE, ADIDAS, GUCCI, FERRARI, APPLE, BMW, AUDI, VERSACE, DOLCE & GABBANA, LOUIS VUITTON, etc has already opted for sensory marketing.  Betting on your own aroma increases the volume of sales.Associating the visit of a client or the stay of the workers to a pleasant atmosphere in terms of aromas is a great success. Some of the faster and more direct benefits are: Improves the perception and experience of customers Increases the mood of workers by creating a pleasant environment Increases the time spent and the intention to buy in the establishment as the notion of time is shortened due to good experience Encourages repeat visits generates additional revenue and increases spend per customer.